Vision Wine Partners represents an eclectic range of quality brands sourced from premium producers from Australia and Europe.

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South Australia

Hugh Hamilton, McLaren Vale


Hugh Hamilton Wines, history, people, vineyards, and values are the foundation of everything they do. They shape their wines and define their approach, weaving a story that’s rich in character and filled with personality. As you explore the roots and discover the passion behind each bottle, you’ll find more than just wine; you’ll uncover a family’s legacy, an enduring love for the land, and a tradition that resonates in every sip. 

Nestled in the picturesque McLaren Vale, the vineyards are where the Hamilton story comes to life. From the robust Shiraz of the Cellar Vineyard to the ancient elegance of the Black Sheep Vineyard, each terrain brings a unique flavor and character to each wine. It’s a journey through distinctive lands, uncovering the living embodiment of the family’s tradition and innovation. Each vineyard, each grape, is a vital chapter in our winemaking story.

Richmond Grove, Barossa Valley


Richmond Grove has a history going back to the 1970s when the brand was created and rose to success quite quickly, led by Richmond Grove French Cask Chardonnay which became the number one Chardonnay in Australia. However, the brand was destined for greater things and in 1993 was relocated to the Barossa Valley. It was this move that spawned a range of varietal wines under the slogan, ‘Special Wine from Special Places’, featuring a and number of premium grape-growing regions, showing their most notable variety. The most popular of these wines were the Rieslings from the Clare and Eden Valley’s and Shiraz from the famed Barossa.

Today, Richmond Grove has been reborn, featuring the two varietals that became the signature of the brand. Eden Valley Riesling and Barossa Shiraz.

Mecklen, Barossa Valley


Mecklen Wines Barossa Valley Gomersal Shiraz vineyardThe subregion of the Barossa Valley now known as Gomersal was originally known as Neu Mecklenburg when established in the mid-19th century as a farming community. Neu Mecklenburg was named after the Mecklenburg region of Germany where the German settlers originally came from. Today this area of the Barossa is known as Gomersal where Macklen’s main Shiraz vineyard is located. To honour the history of this area the name “Mecklen” has been adopted.

The Hickin family is the custodian of two vineyards in the Barossa Valley, one being in the subregion of Gomersal and the other in Cockatoo Valley. Both vineyard sites are grown to respect terroir and bring out the best regional/varietal typicity of each site.

The Gomersal vineyard is currently planted to Shiraz with a plan to add Grenache and Mourvèdre to the property. The family vineyard was established 22 years ago.

The Cockatoo Valley vineyard is a small vineyard planted to dry grown Grenache and is over 100 years old. It has an ideal altitude of 250 metres and Eastern facing which gives a cool aspect in the afternoon during Summer.

Sawyer Wine Co, Adelaide Hills


Sawyer Wine Co. was born in the Vintage of 2018 after a lifelong dream of Michael Sawyer to create wines that he loves and are exciting to share. Michael has been in the industry for more than 20 years making wines in the Rhône Valley, Willamalette Valley, the Riverland and McLaren Vale.

He now anchors his talents in the Adelaide Hills, a region that yields exceptional fruit and allows Michael to create small batch, handpicked fine wines. Crafted thoughtfully with a bright energy and individuality.

Michael hopes you love drinking his wine as much as he has enjoyed creating it!

Dominic Wines, Riverland


In the ancient village of Donji Vidovic, the Dominic family’s journey begins amidst the devastation of war and German occupation. Determined to seek a brighter future, the four brothers set sail for Australia with only suitcases in hand, enduring a 40-day sea voyage filled with both sorrow and optimism.

Upon arriving in Melbourne, three brothers—Dragutin, Joseph, and Michael—find solace in the familiar landscape reminiscent of their Croatian homeland, particularly the Riverland wine region in South Australia. Despite the initial challenges, Dragutin purchases land and begins cultivating vineyards with unwavering determination, eventually earning recognition as a supplier to G Gramp and Son, later known as Orlando Wines.

Over the years, the family’s vineyard expands, embracing new grape varieties, modern techniques, and international opportunities. Brian, Dragutin’s son, takes the helm in 1992, propelling Dominic Wines into the global winemaking arena. Today, Dominic Wines, sourced from their Riverland vineyards and partner growers across South Australia, enjoy widespread acclaim, gracing shelves from the UK to China.

New South Wales

Eagles Rest, Hunter Valley


Eagles Rest is a family owned, small-batch winery from Pokolbin, Hunter Valley. In 2006 Michael Hill found a very special parcel of land for sale high up in the foothills of the Brokenback range – the Maluna vineyard. It was a wild and exciting place, planted to 50-year-old Chardonnay, Semillon and Syrah.

Machinery is limited and many tasks are done by hand. The Hill family are passionate about finding natural solutions to problems and minimising their impact on the surrounding environment. Together, they continue to learn and improve with each new vintage.

The wines are hand-crafted and small-batch, exclusively from the Maluna vineyard which are made to capture a sense of time and place. Each of the wines is an expression of the land, the climate and the vintage. This means that no two wines will be the same – a concept that is fully embraced in the winemaking.

All wines in the portfolio are 93 to 95 point Halliday rated. Ned Goodwin MW said when reviewing the wines, “Eagles Rest is really a superior suite of wines. Exemplary! ”



Quatre Vin, Côtes de Provence


Quatre Vin wines are organically farmed, vegan friendly and sustainably made at a family run winery with 7 generations of experience in the heart of Provence. In May 2021 the Quatre Vin launched the first wine of the range; a peachy, deliciously pale rosé.

The current custodians of the Negrel family winery, Maud and Matthieu, are continuing the pioneering attitude of their father, producing exceptional, regional wines sustainably and organically.

Quatre Vin wines showcase the outstanding ability of their region to produce the world’s most iconic, delicious and loveable rosés as well as incredibly approachable, delicious reds.


Chateau Purcari, Stefan Vada


Established in 1827, Château Purcari has build a reputation of producing some of the greatest wines in Moldova. However, the last decade of Purcari’s almost two centuries has seen the winery reach its most advanced and complex stage of its development. With significant investment in innovation, new vineyards planted in 2003 reaching maturity, and the quality of the grapes improved significantly, Château Purcari has strengthened its reputation as the leading producer of premium wine from Moldova.

The Château is recognised worldwide for its premium wines, which have received awards and praise from international competitions like Decanter, Challenge International du Vin, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, International Wine and Spirit Competition as well as the legendary patronage of the royal court of Great Britain.